Universal Media Group Inc. "UMGP" is a media conglomerate whose corporate focus is on the implementation of celebrity based programming, social media and interactive TV.  UMGP focuses on cutting edge technology in media through music, with sports and empowering the millennial generation.

The Internet has become an accepted way of life and has changed the way the world communicates.  It is the most pervasive medium in history touching all walks of life at all levels from young to old.  The convergence of computing, communication and entertainment has created consumer demand for immediate delivery of structured content.


The ongoing demand has created enormous opportunities for Internet content aggregators. This medium has brought global democratization on multiple levels and affords individuals, businesses, organizations and governments a new and efficient way to reach out to their partners, colleagues, business contacts, clients and constituents. It provides content via television, smartphones, tablets and computers and whatever will come next.


Individuals and organizations are acutely aware that they need to participate in this new online medium.  The question is to get online in a cost effective and productive manner. Universal Media Group Inc. solves this problem by creating a platform that allows easy access to a powerful set of tools, designed to allow participants to get online and interact with each other on music, sports and entertainment in minutes instead of what was historically days, weeks or even years.

Over the past five years, internet adoption rates continue to defy gravity and have skyrocketed in all countries especially in rapidly developing economies such as China and India. The United States has a strong Information Technology infrastructure to support and feed this platform. UMGP will enlist the support of web traffic generators and Internet proliferation companies to drive both traffic to UMGP and its partners.


It is interesting to witness the sites that grow the fastest are

user-generated sites such as facebook, snapchat.com, youtube, twitter, and Instagram just to name but a few market leaders.  These companies are user generated sites where an unlimited amount of content contributors can add content and information while an unlimited number of consumers can access the information.  Once users tell their friends about these sites,

these friends themselves become users and contribute to the exponential growth of the sites and on and on it grows.

Management evaluated structured sites that offered particular products and services from various vertical markets such as the travel industry, which includes hotels, transportation such as bus lines, trains, airlines; leisure excursions such as travel sites, cruises, ski vacations; business-to-business "B2B" such as alibaba.com, business to consumer "B2C" such as ebay.com, craigslist.com, and service sites (think of dating, a vast number of job and classified sites).  In addition, management analyzed a number of pay to play sites such as gaming and paid research sites.  Management has determined that the cultural sector and especially artists could not afford to capitalize the extensive software and hardware infrastructure required to support their needs.  As a result, UMGP has created a revenue model that is suitable to all users at all levels, by prorating the amount of fees it charges to a particular partner for uploading and aggregating content to our platform.