the Fame


With Mike Sherman Treatment

Back in the mid 2000s, Mike Sherman, a successful stockbroker turned TV host, broadcasted a very popular television show on CBS television out of Miami Florida called “On the Mike’ with Mike Sherman". It showcased some of today’s brightest rising stars in music, sports and entertainment. Most of his celebrity guests came with very little fame at the infancy stage of their careers. Therefore for them to

get on any type of national talk show for television exposure was a very difficult task at that time.

Some of the guest’s were a 14 year old Justin Beiber, Kim Kardashian before her very first episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and mega music star Mr. Worldwide, then known

as Mr. 305 Pitbull, among many more. Mike and his one-man

camera crew Matthew Brenowitz worked long hard days and sleepless nights trying to bring his audience the next big star in entertainment. He knew he had to go the extra mile and he did.


His show aired from 2005 to 2012 originally on WBFS MY33 CBS TV Miami and then eventually in syndication domestically and abroad. However, it’s been 4 long years since Mike graced the television airwaves and a large majority of those up and coming celebrities from several years ago are now rich and famous mega stars with Grammy’s, Oscars and Emmy awards to say the least!


Then Mike came up with an idea!!! How about we go back down memory lane and pull out all he’s old footage from days gone by from these Famous stars of today and try to get them back on his new TV show called  “Before The Fame” with Mike Sherman.

Mike will not have an agent or publicist or manager to accomplish this difficult task of bringing back all these huge celebrities on his new show! but if anyone can pull it off,  It’s Mike Sherman!  Remember, Mike started his own show years ago on an idea and brought it to national prominence on his own! He is definitely up for the task!


Each and every week Mike will journey to another city, another state, another event looking for today’s hottest superstars Before the Fame!